A family business with your business at heart

Early days

Stockpoint Global is a family-owned and run business established in 2004 by Harry Norbruis. After working for companies such as Andrélon, Unilever, Wella, and Wilkinson, Harry decided to start his own business at age 42. His brother presented him with an opportunity to start a cosmetics trading company together with a perfume trading business that was seeking a partner, which led to the creation of Stockpoint Cosmetics.


Initially, it was challenging. It was a matter of looking for opportunities with contacts from Harry’s past and for openings with new suppliers. Stockpoint relied heavily on bulk trade such as clearances, surplus, and store returns, but these were not always available. With the support of family, and in particular that of his wife Caroline, the will and energy to continue were always found. Sometimes, even grandma and grandpa were there to help in the warehouse – a true family business! It’s nice to reflect on these moments every now and then.

New direction

In 2008, his son Dennis joined the company. Combined with his studies, Dennis started in the warehouse where he sorted and packed all incoming and outgoing orders. Gradually the work shifted to the office, where his father taught him the tricks of the trade. This marked the beginning of a new era. By 2013, Stockpoint Cosmetics had transitioned to independent ownership under Harry and the business strategy evolved to focus more on the regular distribution of cosmetics and toiletries.

Healty growth

The expansion brought new team members, including Harry’s daughter Rianne and Dennis’ former classmate Arnold. By 2019, the company had grown, necessitating a move to a larger office and warehouse facility in Dordrecht, the Netherlands. This facility can store 1,100 pallets to meet retail and wholesale demands. Over time, the team has grown to include 6 buyers/account managers and 4 warehouse operatives.

Positive developments

In 2024, Stockpoint Cosmetics rebranded to become Stockpoint Global. This move further consolidated its position as a cross-border distribution partner for A-brand manufacturers, official distributors and private-label factories. It serves a broad network of retailers, wholesalers and e-commerce platforms across Europe, the Middle East and Asia (MEA), distributing a diverse range of products.

20 years and counting

Celebrating the milestone of two decades in operation, we’ve seen also a remarkable revenue growth. With sales exceeding 15 million euros in 2019, we reached 25 million euros in 2022, and this upward trend persists. Stockpoint Global continues to deliver mutual benefits through its scale and distribution expertise, always driven by our deep-rooted family values.

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